Q: Where should I send my watch?

A: Please send your watch to the following adress:

StrikesAndSpares Semi

Hanno Gollek

Neue Ringstrasse 63

44267 Dortmund



Q: What´s a SASM module?

A: This is a modern high quality circuit which has been developed to repair vintage LED watch modules.


Q: Why should I get a SASM module?

A: Because a non working watch is useless. For this reason non working watches sell much cheaper than working ones. So if you are planning to sell your non working watch - think again! It is more likely to gain money if you sell it with a working SASM movement. In recent interet auctions there´s no price difference between a 100% original working watch and a watch equipped with a brand new SASM module.


Q: What´s involved with a SASM module exchange?

A: We replace the circuit board of your module and take the original plastic carrier, the original display, the quartz (if still working) and further parts to build a new movement. To use original parts on a new circuit means that your watch looks most authentic but with modern reliability.


Q: Can you repair my original watch module?

A: We always try to repair the original module. If we are successful we charge 95,00 EUR for our work. Round about 20% of all broken modules are repairable.


Q: Should I send my whole watch

A: We recommend it at least. In doing so we can return a fully working watch and our customers do not have to deal with module adjustment issues. Sometimes it is a good idea to remove the bracelet so that you can send the watch case in an envelope.

Q: I do not want to do overseas shipping

A: You can also send your watch to our Service Point representatives in Canada or the US.


Q: I have a SASM15 or 25 module and it displays a single "5" only.

A: Your batteries are becomming weak or your jeweller sold batteries from old stock. Get a pair of fresh cells and your module should work again.


Q: When I insert new batteries my watch lights up with "'SAS" and then a letter followed by number. But it neither displays time nor date.

A: Check if your quartz is still attached to the circuit board. If yes, replace it. Replace the original Pulsar trimmer on SASM30, SASM31, SASM32, SASM33, SASM34, SASM35, SASM52 and SASM53 modules.


Q: My watch does not work when I got it

A: During shipping one of the buttons were pressed down which activated the display. If the display of a LED watch lights up permanently, the power cells run empty in a very short time. Replace them.


Q: Other issues?

A: We proudly build each module by hand and test every movement very carefully. We regulary program new software releases. If your watch does not run as expected or you have proposals for improvement, don´t hestitate to contact us.